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QuickFile@Yarbrough's Tax & Consulting Firm is


10 Minutes to complete 3 Simple steps and your finished. QuickFile@Yarbrough's beats any deal you can get at any of the national tax preparation stores around. No more long waits and crowds as you sit in H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt wonderdering how did you get there. People there imagine that there must be a better way to file taxes with a tax professionals help and QuickFile@Yarbrough's is just that.


You lose nothing with QuickFile@Yarbrough's. We still guarantee accurate returns with the largest return to you legally. We still guarantee tax preparation by a firm with 20years professional expertise in tax consulting and preparation. That means no seasonal tax preparers who've just learned about the tax industry this year. You have everything to gain! You gain your freedom from the tax season craze and the peace of mind that if you need any assistance with your return throughout the year, we will be right here for you. Yarbrough's Tax & Consulting Firm is open year-round



1. Send your W2's to Yarbrough's Tax and Consulting.

    Be sure to include your phone number on your documents.



  • Fax a copy to our office Fax at (323) 325-9514 or
  • Scan a copy of your W2's and email it to us at Quickfile@yarbroughstaxandconsulting.com
  • Request the pick-up of your documents from any location within 15 minutes of the office.(additional cost- see addional options below)


2. Call Yarbrough's Tax & Consulting Firm at (323) 937-4829 to verify that your W2's and additional documents (if needed) have been recieved. Once received, you will be notified of which tax preparation category (in step 3) to choose in your shopping cart.

3. Choose the appropriate tax preparation services below and 'add to cart'. If you would like to have your tax return processed through "E-File" , select that service in the additional options section below and "add to cart'.  

Personal Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation
Additional Options

Your Tax Return will be ready within 48hours! Guaranteed! 


Yarbrough's Tax & Consulting Firm will contact you to let you know that your tax return is ready. You can select to pick up your return at our office located at:




6080 Center Dr. #600

Los Angeles,Ca. 90045

Directions to our office




We can mail your tax return to you overnight. (If you would like to have your tax return mailed overnight to you, please pay for your shipping at checkout.)


Note: All E-file(*) clients will receive a copy of your return via email.

* If you have chosen to "e-file" your tax return, you can expect to have your tax return check deposited in your bank account within 10 days.